1. Whitby – First UK Green/Car Free Town Centre

1.1 Conservation area closed to all traffic except: resident’s cars, delivery vechilcle, small electric buses, bikes and walkers
1.2 Access£50m fund for town to have all-electric buses Department for Transport (DfT).
1.3 Build buses locally – Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL)/Plaxton Scarborough
1.4 Build/extend Park & Ride centres on outskirts to include bus station for larger buses to other areas – sponsors – Anglo American – west side, Yorkshire Water – east side
1.5 Redevelop harbour car parks for maritime businesses, museum
1.6 Encourage home deliveries from businesses using electric vehicles
1.7 Create traffic free shopping streets (specified times for deliveries)
1.8 Create healthier, cleaner town improving the visitor and residents experience, encouraging locals back into the town to shop
1.9 Skills training – 6th Form College/adult education – specialise in renewables service industry and upskilling heritage maintenance/environmental improvements of listed/conservation

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4 comments on “1. Whitby – First UK Green/Car Free Town Centre

  1. Whitby could also act as a trial town to monitor:
    • pollution levels before and after introduction of electric buses to include air, noise & light pollution
    • Emissions per passenger kilometre (EPPK) – collect information for all journeys/capture data

  2. Ive always thought that pier road should be pedestrianised, no through traffic except for deliveries after a certain time in the evening or a certain time in the mornings.

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