10 of the suggestions below ALL SAY NO TO DRUGS

Having looked through all the comments Drugs seems to be a common theme. I understand it is hard to eradicate, but more CCTV and proper lighting and ring-fenced funding for police is needed. A new shopping centre will do little to really make an impact on the lives of locals. Locals want and deserve the council to listen and act. Drugs is more of problem/issue than a new shopping centre. For me the shopping centre is fine.

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2 comments on “10 of the suggestions below ALL SAY NO TO DRUGS

  1. Completely agree. It is the people that make the town, not the buildings. Make the Christchurch Road well lit and well policed, and make the public feel safe. Sort the drugs problem out, and Boscombe will regenerate by itself without extensive and expensive redevelopment.

  2. Agree that the huge problem in Boscombe is that it is a drug place before anything else. Focus has to be on getting rid of drug rehab places, cheap landlords anything that keeps the big alcoholic and drug population there.
    They don’t tend to go in the sovereign centre.

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