2020 Bus Service

Subsidies to improve bus provision in Worcester. Regular, reliable buses, to cover early morning and evening, in addition to daytime basic service.

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19 comments on “2020 Bus Service

  1. Improve bus services by restricting the use of motor cars in the City Centre.
    Use bus lanes for taxis.
    Introduce Park and Ride at key parts of edge of City locations.
    Think alternatives to car

    1. Roger. This makes a lot of sense. Other Cities (e.g. Nottingham) have used increased parking charges and workplace parking levies to fund park and ride and bus services, but unfortunately Cllr Amos (and Geraghty?) at the County and Bayliss at the City have ruled it out. Is there any prospect of this ever becoming a reality is the City destined for increased grid lock and air pollution? Certainly its difficult to understand how the City can tackle its congestion and air pollution problems unless there is a dramatic modal shift to active travel and public transport.

  2. My kids are at school in Bromsgrove, and it seems ridiculous that I have to drive them as there is no bus to free then to school on time. Surely they can’t be the only ones who need to get to bromsgrove by 8:45?
    There are a choice of buses and trains for the return journey.

  3. Bus services to the hospitalare terrible. They are dirty and unreliable. It’s clear they haven’t been cleaned in years and they smell bad. As for the waiting times it means elderly patients stand outside in the cold for up to half an hour and staff are unable to commit to out of your shifts!

  4. The buses are the worst in many years. Everytime there is a new timetable buses are cut. Mainly in the evening. I have stopped using the evening service after walking home 3miles twice because the last bus of the evening hasn’t run. They are only once a hour which cuts the option of going to theatre cinema and other places that finish at 10pm because there is no bus after 10pm expect weekends. When they changed the 36 route it took me 2 weeks to find the new stop. No details were posted.
    PS I feel lucky because I catch the 35 most of the time and it seems one of the better services. Though not in the evening.

  5. We need more likes to other county’s. We need later buses like other city’s and more buses on a Sunday the government should be making Worcester greener by making the bus network more accessible to all and we should bring back park and rides in order to refuse conjestion I suggest we need a park and ride site at both JN 6 of the M5 and JN 7

    Being a transport manager my self I feel the bus network in Worcestershire is getting worse year by year and Worcestershire county council need to look for more and better operators such as stagecoach

  6. I take the bus everyday to work. The service is getting worst. The problem is not the price but the reliability. More bus only lanes and more control on the service provided by the privatr companies. Diamond has coaches on the street that SHOULDN’T circulate

  7. We have two parkruns in Worcester, which is great. If we had free bus services to take people to the parkruns, from all areas of the city, it would save on emissions and also make parkrun genuinely free for everyone.

  8. More buses would be greatly appreciated, there is a lot of students that live in St John’s that can’t afford a car or taxis. Most days I struggle to walk home in the winter because it is cold, flooded and dark.

  9. Increase bus journeys to city centre, keep the city alive by giving local people the option of meeting eating drinking and shopping in their traditional City centre

  10. No more bridges or roads required. There should be less people driving with one person per car each day. If there were better public transport options it would ease the traffic issues experienced daily across the city.

    It would be a huge help if the bus times matched up better with trains coming in and out of Foregate street for those who might commute in but don’t work in the centre of town. Or more buses running at rush hour times.

    Also better and more frequent buses from areas further a field to bring in more people to the city more regularly, helping businesses.

  11. Make the bus system more reliable and efficient; if public transport in and around Worcester was more modern and effective, congestion and other problems wouldn’t be as much of a problem

  12. Also more Sunday buses! There currently isn’t a single bus which goes down London road or from the hospital on a Sunday anymore, which leaves a large area of the city quite cut off from town if you don’t have your own car or can’t walk that far. More buses also means less cars, and therefore less pollution!

  13. Bus services in parts of the city are non-existent during evenings and weekends, unreliable at other times and costly compared to similar journeys in larger cities.
    Parts of the city become congested with cars because people do not have an alternative.

  14. Hi I use the 36 bus route running through Perdiswell, Barbour to city centre. I have bad knees therefore can’t walk far. This bus route is impossible it only runs through barbourne until 2.30pm then the service stops. Please tell me why this service can’t at least go on till 6 pm, which would be sensible for people leaving work to get home and to Drs. Please improve this service, I’m stuck without a good bus service.

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