3 points, town centre, police and green belt

1: Total rebuild of town centre. Its dis jointed, and patches of pound shops spread over 3 or more small covered mall like areas makes no logical sense to any potential visitors that dont know exactly where every shop already is. Makes for miles of random trecking. No logical parking solution. Again, random small car parks confusingly dotted around with different charges and rates including new leisure area with parking times limited shorter than the leisure activity actually takes. Need to incorporate a main, and easily identifiable and accessible free car park that leads directly into a new modern shopping and leisure area. I’d certainly be confused and may actually never actually find the town centre if I was visiting from another town. 2: Police service isnt fit for purpose. RE OPEN COMMUNITY POLICE STATIONS. 3 Stop building on green belt. Where are the 2500 local jobs at florida farm???

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