4g pitches

I would like to see a central venue of 4g pitches that could be used by all sports teams in Warrington.

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4 comments on “4g pitches

  1. Additional pitches would be a great idea. It would be great if some of these could be placed on parks as well as atvfacillities that charge a lot (live wire). Providing free access for children when out playing has got to be a good thing.

  2. Our son has had 11 matches cancelled this year because of pitch conditions. Football is keeping these kids active, allowing them to have a passion in sport, good for their physical and mental health. Invest in more pitches!

  3. Lots of youth clubs struggling with the cost of hiring pitches up to £24k per year for a home pitch! Also not enough in the area more is required so that more opportunities are available for young people to get involved in sport

  4. Completely agree. We need a LOT more of them and some free/much cheaper to use. It’s stopping kids playing if they have to pay £35 for half of a pitch and get kicked off after an hour. If childhood obesity is seen as a real issue, this would definitely help to combat it around Warrington.

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