A 3rd Crossing

We’ve been needing a 3rd bridge crossing for years, we’ve never really had the funding but it would really sort the chaotic traffic out (partly terrible drivers fault).
The roads are terrible too, potholes everywhere which have caused me to fall off my bike into traffic on a number of occasions.
We also need more businesses to open, and some good music venues for the town to enjoy, using the Oold Tesco Metro would be a good idea!!

Mental health: I’ve had 2 friends commit suicide and my best friend die due to mental health troubles, they had no where to go or nobody to speak to about their problems. If there was a centre or an activities place to go this may have prevented that and they might still be here today. Also the job situation for this down is extremely bleak, you cannot find a job anywhere, no wonder why everyone is depressed and failing to see the point in existence, myself included.

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