A boost to workforce morale with potential unintended consequences on population health – must read

Now one must understand that this suggestion is not a hard policy but rather soft, and as such is rather inexpensive. I would sincerely recommend a statue in the centre of town (just outside Debenhams main entrance). This statue would be of a prime masculine man named Daniel James Nolan Miller and would inspire assiduous courage, rendering the workforce henceforth indefatigable. This is a supply-side economic policy in principle however the true reach of this statue will also have social benefits. Too many folk in the present have grown plump and lethargic; a statue of a man as such in prime physical condition, should (based on loose research) have approximately four times the impact at a local scale compared to the fool Jamie Oliver’s sugar tax. Yes, it may now be considered acceptable to believe these statues should in fact not be confined to the folk of Nuneaton. Let it be shared. Miller forever.

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