A business enterprise stake!

Effectively, give loans to start up or struggling companies who support the local economy at lower than bank interest rates. Low risk with great reward possibilities. From Agricultural to Zoology, all ideas to be reviewed by a panel. As a finance and banking lawyer, I would gladly give my time for free to support this and assist new businessess. Stop the brain drain going to other cities and stop squeezing start-ups. There are many smart and entrepreneurial people in Scunthorpe and local regions who have great ideas to put to great benefit of society. Most great new businesses don’t require huge amounts of money and you recover them within 10 years. Then you can support more businesses! It’s actually replicated all over the world. We’ve just never had the cash start up in this region. There are others I know who would also give their time for free. We have industry, labour, professionals, students and grit.

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