A bypass

Hereford’s traffic can be awful, a bypass would be a start to reducing this. Not only is it bad for the environment (fumes of cars) but can also be very frustrating almost taking 1 hour to travel from Asda to Belmont Tesco. This should be a 15 minute Journey at max. This is becoming worse and worse but yet nothing seems to be done about it? Because nothing is being done about it, people are becoming more and more frustrated and even causing people I know to leave the city. With the new buildings in Hereford I fear this may get worse. As a 16 year old boy I can not drive yet and living outside of Hereford I rely on lifts for work. This is due to a poor public transport system that is getting worse. I think the two may be connected. Public transport is so poor that people decide to drive, this is awful for the traffic as I’ve mentioned. I know this is a common feeling around the city or pure frustration that nothing is being done about any of these issues
Thank you

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