A City Centre Revamp

We Love Peterborough loves their city but it needs some love and care giving to it, especially Cathedral Square which is the hub of the city centre. It needs a total revamp where the fountains are in a zone of their own and out the way of the whole square, maybe a long feature along the Cathedral side of the square to cordon it off a bit. It would be lovely with colourful seating and flowers rather than a concrete mass and burger van. It needs to show how quaint the city is with it’s original old buildings. The Guildhall is a main feature and needs to stand out more, maybe as a coffee shop or a gallery that will show it off to its best as it’s a beautiful Grade II listed building and should be looked after. Also we need some public toilets near this area where people congregate as there are currently none and it isn’t fair on the nearby coffee shops or McDonalds to provide this service

No other city’s main square looks as dismal as ours, please do something.

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