A city for people, not cars

Deliver on the Worcester City Masterplan to reduce the amount of space dedicated to vehicles, improving the public realm, reducing pollution and giving priority to people and nature.
Many roads in the city (Lowesmore, City Walls, Deansway, Worcester Bridge etc) are completely dominated by vehicles with narrow pavements for pedestrians, difficult road crossings and the associated noise and air pollution. Some are 3-4 lanes wide, which is disproportionate and inappropriate in the heart of a small historic city.
A pedestrian-centric zone should be established across the city centre with through access for buses and bikes only, including the east-west axis from The Butts to Lowesmore.
Other motorvehicles should be confined to the outskirts and roadspace rationalised to make these environments more pedestrian and cycle friendly. City Walls Road, Sidbury, the Deansway, the Dolday/North Parade loop and Worcester Bridge should be reduced to one lane in either direction.

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