A College for Skegness

Skegness desperately needs its own fe college that is governed by local people. For to long it has been afterthought by the local colleges Grimsby and Boston. We need a college that is managed and run by local people not people from outside the town. A new building with the same old stuff in won’t meet our needs.

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2 comments on “A College for Skegness

  1. Whilst I agree that education is very important, I think it’s more important to make sure the all the towns on the coast each have their own good libraries, equipped with access to computers so that individuals can learn what they want at their own pace. I am fed up with solutions being a college will solve everything. A course only lasts for 1 or 2 years & are expensive to run. Then what will the kids do? The coast first needs all the basic services like fast Internet, & is it even possible to get there on the train? Teenagers I know don’t want to go to Fe colleges, or they have started courses & left disillusioned. Teenagers want jobs & a future.

  2. To me – even though I have made another suggestion – this suggestion is one of the most sensible ideas. The Town has needed an FE college for ages and Skegness students are much inconvenienced and hindered by having to travel to other towns (mainly Boston) for their Further Education. If I had to choose I would choose this above all other suggestions.

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