A community hub with food bank and services for the vulnerable

Now that the Somerset county council has got rid of the get set services for families in the community there needs to be a new community hub for children with family support and a food bank, there is nothing for the under 5s in Glastonbury and research shows that early intervention is key to a good start for children, preventative action is needed. As a family support worker who has seen a rise in families being left with no support I would be interested in supporting a project.

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1 comment on “A community hub with food bank and services for the vulnerable

  1. As a person on the front line of this problem, Genia, perhaps you could look into how this hub idea could be extended to answer other problems and needs we see in Glastonbury? The best way to get any proposal looked at seriously is to make it address a number of priorities and issues. New jobs? Infrastructure? Connectivity? Deprivation and health issues? The general wellbeing of the community? Have a look at the prospectus document that gov issued to guide towns in choosing what projects will be considered. Thanks!

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