A community mindfulness centre

A community well being centre offering cheap/free fitness and mindfulness classes and courses to the vulnerable and low income families with children! I have actually spoke to with Mike Lister about t hi s and I will get the ball rolling with a plan and lottery grant application. I would like to utilise some area within the town centre for this but also maybe have workshops at local sites such as Ashby ville where could arrange tidy ups and planting of trees/Vegetables etc! I am very keen on improving the mental health of children as an easy intervention to avoid future generations being of a poor mindset like the current ones! I myself was diagnosed as adhd 18 months ago ,had a breakdown and tried to end my life! I’m now studying life coaching and diet and nutrition and I’m setting up a podcast and maybe writing a book for self help! I would love to be able to work with the council on this! I would love to be able to promote in schools and change this worlds future by targeting youth!

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