A contemporary Stevenage for living and working

Stevenage is a fairly new town modernising the standards of living. In the recent decade stevenage has become run down and its public spaces have been dominated by businesses and housing units. The town’s typology needs to be re-thought to incorporate everyones needs as well as improving the town’s reputation and relationship to its surrounding towns. The landscape Stevenage sits on is a picturesque countryside. Viewing platforms around the town can encourage transparency and connectivity.
Better museums, libraries, productivity spaces and gardens need to be incorporated into the heart of the town. The high-street in the old town is a good example, however can be further developed.
A better library and museum, town hall will generate more opportunities, events, gatherings and clubs for a more inspired community and talks from the UoH can be incorporated to inspire the upcoming youth. With the rising population, stevenage needs to accommodate the needs of 2020 sustainable.

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  1. We want a more cultural, social and sustainable town. Minor changes will not solve the issues our town faces. It is a master-project that should be carried out. Stevenage is the third most populated town in Hertfordshire and it needs urgent care. From its convenient location to its potential, it can be a world-leading town example through a careful development system.

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