A few points

Some points from a newbie to the beautiful town.
1, It would be amazing if the grand could be taken from Britannia and restored to the glory it deserves.
2, empty shops rented cheaply to local entrepreneurs and small businesses,
3, it seems strange for there to be no nightlife for a growing student population so maybe the town needs a nightclub,
4, A new outdoor pool like they used to have back in the day,
5, A Scarborough Fair/ fringe festival
6, Pop up local food stalls / bars / art exhibition etc
7, Aberdeen Walk picture house which is now a furniture shop should be a cinema again,
8, Decaying buildings near the spa should be used for the pop ups / other businesses,
9, it would be lovely if the castle was lit up in the evenings.

Scarborough has so much to offer but could be amazing with more investment.

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3 comments on “A few points

  1. I concur with all the comments above.

    All the beautiful buildings should be saved and the ugly ones pulled down. the planning department at SBC should ensure that businesses make their facades as inviting as possible and clean. I totally agree re Britannia Hotels which have done nothing except to bring down the tone and elegance of the buildings including The Royal and the North Bay which I understand they own. There should be conditions for the overall aesthetics of the town so that there is visual harmony.

  2. 9. Scarborough Castle used to be lit-up! Sponsored by Panasonic. Is amazing to see how many tourists these Durham Lumiere or York Mediale events bring in during the off-season. Do think Scarborough is missing a trick there


    7. Yes! It’d be so brilliant for the town centre to have a cinema right there. It would bring people into town in the night so boost for restaurants and bars


    3. The town is getting a new nightclub on Aberdeen Walk

    1. Some great suggestions Emily!
      1. I agree that something should be done about the Grand. Unfortunately as it’s owned by a private company (Brittania has been consistently voted the worst hotel operator in the country) am not sure what the council can do other than buy it, which it’s unlikely to have the funds to do. Perhaps it can open dialogue with the owners to work together to do some works, but I can’t imagine Brittania would share any of the profits.
      Likewise, points 2 & 8: it would depend upon who owns these buildings. If the council does then I wholeheartedly agree with your suggestions

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