A few points

There’s a few key points that the town could focus on just to improve quality of life around here. First, a big push for small businesses, reduced business rates and entrepreneurial grants for use of the empty units in town. A focus on nightlife due to a growing student population, there’s many empty small bars that could be utilised and bring in big acts, in the same way as York and Leeds do.
A mural commission for the seafront area where the futurist used to be, to improve that area and the seafront until plans are finalised.
A development of Northway units, to become a digital hub for new business focusing on tech such as programming and design, as keeping the town running solely on tourism based economy is creating a low earnings gap here compared to the rest of the UK.
Investment in transport links, broadband and development of industrial units to house larger business such as primark etc.
Investment in parks and areas of natural use, make them more accessible for people to use.

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