A great market town

Boston is a great market town. There are many positive attributes and many could be improved and developed to make them even better. Many of the good folk involved are working hard to achieve these positive goals. However, I feel that one of the biggest issues that is holding back the town is the traffic problem. I know it is very difficult to resolve given the road infrastructure that exists and how little money there is to make the changes needed. The town gridlocks when trains come in or shunt goods to the Port. There are no bridges over the railway like they have in Donington, Quadring, Gosberton and Pinchbeck. Oddly enough Spalding suffers in the same way, it also gridlocks when the trains come in or through. So what is the answer, a bridge or two maybe ? Would this be affordable, practicable, cost effective ? Would this then exacerbate problems elsewhere ? Maybe worth considering. If you can “unchoke” something to let it “breathe” then it will likely thrive and flourish.

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3 comments on “A great market town

  1. Yes – a bridge over the railway on the A16, Spalding Road would be reasonably “do-able”. Although the current dock line only takes the steel trains, this could potentially make greater usage of our port by rail rather than road.

    A bridge to replace the West Street / Sleaford Road level crossing would be highly desirable because this is one of the town’s worst bottle necks. However we would have to think seriously how this could be done in reality. Not only would it need great investment from Network Rail (or whatever their name is now) but we would have to consider whether there actually is room to put one in at that location. Demolition of properties is never desirable so we would need to be imaginative with this one.

    An alternative would be to re-route traffic according to its ultimate destination, with some being taken a completely different route if it is just passing through the town. This crossing should only be for light traffic wishing to come into the town centre.

    Further thoughts on this will be put in a separate posting.

  2. This is a very valid comment and making a difference to the road structures would really help. It takes on average from Butterwick to the other side of town by car 30 minutes at peak time. The town can come to a standstill if there are issues at Haven Bridge

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