A list of things

In no particular order, just my thoughts:

1) Sort out the transport. We wasted millions on a bus station, and the busses don’t even go to the train station, you have to walk for 10 minutes from the station, and the busses are only 1 or 2 an hour and cost a fortune.

2) Bring back the fast trains. Now we have only one train provider, and they’re slow and stop everywhere and I never get a seat.

3) Proper fibre optic broadband, not fake “fibre” which is really copper DSL / Virgin Media

4) More money for education. A university that doesn’t offer useless degrees, more school places and better funding for existing schools.

5) Some police officers.

6) More cycle paths and better roads not filled with potholes and with lane markings you can actually see

7) A technology hub, or somewhere with good jobs for people with tech skills. There are zero jobs for people with tech skills in the town.

8) Flood defences

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