A modern Scarborough Fair

To showcase Scarborough to businesses, tourists and the younger generation by bringing back a very modernised version of Scarborough Fair which would be exhibited in the town centre each month with a different theme and quality musicians playing the folk song in different ways. Like an ongoing updated Great Exhibition. The fair would be a festival of celebration and the themes could be :
Cultural history and current cultural offerings
Creative contributions from the artistic sector and from independent retailers
Displays of the national and international business products which are produced and manufactured locally
Famous local businesses
Roll-call of Scarborough claims to fame (eg cordless kettle and first mobile phone case designer is an inventor from Scarborough)
The Scarborough Story: historical video and views of young children
PLUS … quality town centre paving to replace the poor and low-grade current surface; and colour-bands for routes (eg seafront, culture).

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3 comments on “A modern Scarborough Fair

  1. Massive tourist opportunity being missed here!

    The 45-day Scarborough Fayre used to be held annually from 15 August to 29 September – was soon internationally famous however Scarborough Fair ended in 1788.

  2. It has always seemed very odd to me that the worlds most famous fair doesn’t actually exist. It’s a brand opportunity that the town hasn’t taken advantage of. But you need to grab the imagination and persuade people to travel and stay, rather like the Edinburgh festival, a series of events. There is a lot going on already that could be brought under the banner of a fair.

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