A new bridge

Traffic in hereford bottlenecks by Asda because it’s the only route over the river. Many people suggest a bypass but if the traffic is still stuck trying to cross the river then we’ll just have another road to fill up.
Another bridge, perhaps connecting Hampton Bishop and Rotherwas would relieve the pressure of the traffic buildup.

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2 comments on “A new bridge

  1. The MAJOR problem at Belmont roundabout is the unnecessary building of the Asda Supermarket store.
    All building planning/projections would never suggest to build a high traffic volume business near a roundabout.
    Very poor business projection that time has now proved should never have been built/passed.
    Failed council decision making again!!!
    Profit before local residents health etc.

  2. This road to the Midlands should have been built when it was decided to enlarge/promote the Skylon Industrial Park.
    When larger factories were the main, traffic activity was at specific certain times of the day. Now there is a much larger industrial estate of mainly smaller units generating a massive number of vehicle movements at all times of the day.
    This traffic is clogging up the Greyfriars bridge or going through the villages of Holme Lacy, Mordiford and Fownhope causing unnessary noise to locals when a new road across the river would have become the South Eastern by-pass corner of the City of Hereford.

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