A new, green Scarborough being a leader in thefield

Conversion of the old North Bay Pool area and behind there into a centre for good environmental practice, with bee- and butterfly-friendly planting, tree planting examples and education, renewable energy on site, promotion of all sorts of educational ideas for adults and children on climate change issues and ways forward in terms of response, Climate-friendly activities and displays, etc, etc.. Scarborough should embrace a green agenda for a better future – it should become a leader in this field and look to attract visitors as the leading example of good practice in this field in the UK and Europe. Where possible, the town needs to push all things in this connection, with tree planting programmes around the town, insistence on new house-building areas having to include tree-planting in their planning and delivery and wasteland planted with buddleia and other insect-friendly plants. This is a great opportunity for the town – almost to re-invent itself, with jobs being created also.

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