A Number of Suggestions

Firstly I would like to see our Bandstand restored. It is an historical asset of my town and I believe it’s one of only two left standing in the UK.

Secondly I would like to see more police as we are severely under manned.

Thirdly I would like to keep the Calder Community GP practice as it gives people a choice.

Also build a new industrial estate or office space to encourage businesses to relocate here. We need jobs that pay better than the minimum wage.

Lastly, Todmorden has a great community spirit but it needs strengthening amongst the young, so more funding for schools and youth facilities.

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3 comments on “A Number of Suggestions

  1. I agree with keeping the GP practice as it’s convenient and more accessible to the locals, especially the elderly and the young who live in Todmorden, as it can be difficult to travel to other destinations for medical advice considering public transport in Todmorden is getting quite shocking.

  2. Definitely support the refurbishment of the bandstand and investment in the park area generally to provide relaxation and leisure space for the community as a whole and to draw visitors into the town.
    The park is a popular day out for families with young children from nearby towns and concerts in the band stand (not just brass bands but a wide range of entertainers) would be of interest

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