A place people want to go to

Do compulsory purchase orders on vacant town centre shops? Fill them with exciting & different entertainment such as a VR experience, escape room, art gallery (to be filled with work by school kids and regularly changed, do art competitions across the whole of the midlands), approach alternative shops like Damaged Society, kick out Poundland that pays £1 rent & turn it into an indoor market with a street food centre & bar, all stalls fixed and available for hire, in a couple of vacant shops set up youth groups (invent some like nature society, kids choir, drama club, music hub, community helpers; basically groups that could allow parents to go to town with their kids, drop them off for an hour & have time to shop! The groups also benefit the community). All shops filled at the same time, then have a grand opening & it’s thriving. We need things to bring people into the town from surrounding areas & spend money. I am happy to get a group together to come up with ideas. I have loads!

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