7 comments on “A proper all weather sports pitch for all sports .

  1. Good luck with this much needed facility. At least CBC have given you some support. Mullin has to support itself!

  2. We should have a 3G pitch it’s well overdue it will be used buy all local football and rugby clubs and give kids the best chance of improving there sporting skills for the future the pitch that is there now is actually a disgrace. The pitch and the fence around it. The money should be invested in our children’s futures

  3. An investment in an all weather sports facility that all sports can train on and minority sports can train, compete and host matches on.
    The current pitch floods and gets covered in silt in heavy rainfall, the floodlight glass shatters in high winds, there are no changing facilities and there has been insufficient maintenance of the equipment which constrains training.
    For this facility to be sustainable it must be linked with club, school and community use.
    Cleator Moor would benefit from this investment to give young people access to more exercise, a sense of well being, the discipline of playing in a team sport and the opportunity to achieve at local and regional levels.
    Apart from the existing facility at Cleator Moor, there is no other pitch suitable for minority sports to compete on in Copeland. This is a chance to regenerate the town by investing in our young people.

  4. The town current has an Astro but is considering replacing with a 3G pitch, this would therefore stop my club from playing hockey. There is not another Astro facility which we would use within Copland. A new 3G pitch has just been built 2 mile down the road at the new Whitehaven Campus.

  5. The town current has an Astro but is considering replacing it with a 3G pitch which would stop my club from playing hockey. There is not another Astro in Copeland which we could use. This development would therefore stop hockey being played.

  6. Total agree with this. We have hundreds of kids and young adults taking place in sports namely rugby league WBH, Football CMC and cricket Cleator. With limited opportunity to have decent training facilities. This keeps them of the streets and their parents know where they are. We could do with 2 4G pitches one at the current bowling club where there is an Astro turf (which can be lethal some times) and another on in the place of the old Ehenside school. They could be rented out to give some revenue back to the community.

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