A road 2 bridge across the wye in city of Hereford

The one and only main bridge across the Wye in Hereford can not take any more chaos and high volume of traffic which causes misery to commutes is in desperate need of two more bridge either side of main bridge by 500 to 700 meters up and down the river which constantly floods and is taking business away from Hereford! Only then the city will be a better place to live.

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1 comment on “A road 2 bridge across the wye in city of Hereford

  1. A minor local bridge with restricted weight limit would be ideal from the Oval at Belmont Road down Beattie Avenue across the river to meet the top of Wordsworth Road at the roundabout.
    This was on the plans to be done 30 years ago.
    It was a good plan then and still is now.

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