A second Park An Ride on the Scarborough side

Here is a Facebook post from this morning

Just got back from a day trip to whitby, is it a regular occurrence around 4pm for the traffic trying to leave the car parks to get in that state……numerous angry looking drivers quoted their time from car park to coop as 2.5 hours”

Locals then bemoaning the traffic chaos we get every weekend over the Summer.

Parking really needs attention now as it’s getting worse year on year for the visitors who are the town’s life blood and importantly for the locals trying to lead their lives through this.

I would like to see some of the land currently being sold for housing opposite Sainsbury being turned into a Park and Ride, and also electronic barriers on the town car parks with signs showing live updates on available parking spaces. The signs would be BEFORE the Park and Ride sites on both sides of town. They have these in cities and they work fantastically well.

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