A step back in time.

Recent events have shaken us to the core and many have re-evaluated what is important. One thing is certain, a transport network which is safe and clean for the environment is critical. The lack of traffic has proved how quickly nature reacts with sighting of birds never before seen and clearer less polluted air to breath. Many took to cycling because it was safe to do so. We need to build on this mentality – cars have to be discouraged of the roads of Hereford. Children need to be schooled close to home – so safe walking and riding opportunities. The Byebass needs to be scrapped – it is from a bygone era and no longer fit for purpose – the last thing we need is more traffic, more congestion. We need to be forward thinking, and that will be difficult for some, who are entrenched in old ideas, but, we have to be bold and make Hereford a town for the future, a vibrant modern community not one catching up on past their sell by date visions.

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