A tourism vision for millom

So I’ve picked over the bones of the Stronger Towns documents and it seems that the way to maximise the amount Millom gets from the possible £25m is to increase tourism to our town.
If you have any ideas to make Millom more tourism friendly while still retaining our individuality please post below. It doesn’t matter how big or small your ideas are, we need to think outside the box on this one. Millom has a very rich heritage so why not play on that? We have some of the best beaches in the area, could we make them more accessible?
All of your ideas can be put together in the business plan and could make the difference between just £5m and the full £25m 😁

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2 comments on “A tourism vision for millom

  1. A designated Mining Heritage Trail to include Hodbarrow, Steel Green, the Sea Wall and Devonshire Road.
    Information boards along the route with text and images depicting the industry specific to the area. This could link to the new proposed Coastal footpath and the local Folk Museum.

  2. ‘Tourism friendly’ has to mean plenty of places to eat [we have some but could use more], plenty to do and see [we’re getting there] and plenty of parking for those vistors – and at a reasonable price.

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