A town for everybody

We need more small independent businesses to bring personality to our town. We need to celebrate diversity and make our town inclusive. We need to promote access to the town centre and other public facilities with better transport links. We need amenities which will support our residents, especially those who are disadvantaged or disengaged. We need facilities for young people. Voluntary and community sector groups should be given the status and funding they deserve.
We need to be proactive on environmental issues leading the way in renewable energy and responsible new builds. My town is not just about the town centre. It is about every community in Redditch, and the access they have to a town to be proud of.

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1 comment on “A town for everybody

  1. Are you suggesting small businesses funded by this goverment allocated funds? What happens the following years when the residents of Redditch who are lagging behind in terms income don’t generate enough revenue and these businesses gave to close? Are you suggesting our taxes keep funding them?

    Sorry, if my taxes are going to be wasted I would rather contribute direct to the elderly and disabled who are the real losers of the goverment cuts.

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