A University of Grimsby

Expand Grimsby Institute into a ‘University of Grimsby’ to include physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology courses – also integrate these academic courses with businesses along the Humber Bank (and if the regeneration goes well, businesses on the Kasbah too). This would provide a range of new job opportunities to the area, not only academic posts but also other staff and possibly more internship opportunities. By integrating with ‘hands-on’ businesses and the community, it could potentially fill a gap that many universities are lacking – that of true public engagement, thus leading to an embedded trust of the community. To create yet another ‘typical’ plate glass university wouldn’t serve any purpose in a town like ours, we need a model that allows creativity (both arts and sciences) to thrive in academia, whilst retaining a definite grounding and purpose. In short – no bureaucratic nonsense, just a place of education to engage Grimsby.

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