A valuable asset

A swimming pool with fun facilities eg wave machine, slide etc….would be of great benefit…..
1..all year employment for a number of people.
2… education…about the marine environment and its future….learning to swim ….safety for all
3….availability to local people avoiding the issue of travel ….(carbon emissions)
4….health improvements …classes recommended by local medical care ….improvements in mobility, obesity and so help with prevention of type 2 diabetes etc.
5… an asset…open all year available to the whole community….FUN…..that valuable part of mental well being, another reason to come to Mablethorpe….”it’s a lot nearer than Louth…let’s eat, do a bit of shopping while we are there” …extra trade for local businesses…
6…would require collaboration with other agencies…..
Investment should be realistic and pay heed to climate change, health promotion, education, employment and the WHOLE community.

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4 comments on “A valuable asset

    1. I would use this regularly & would enrol my children into any swimming lessons & classes. My visitors are always disappointed that we do t have a pool here in Mablethorpe

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