Dual the A47 Acle straight. Would be less accidents, less build up of traffic in rush hours. Making commuting in and out of Great Yarmouth a lot better. Will then also bring more people into Great Yarmouth in season time

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2 comments on “A47

  1. As the dualing of the A47 is some way off yet I believe a few other things could improve the traffic flow in GY particularly in the summer months.

    To reduce the congestion we currently have all over the town, a roundabout should be built at the end of the Acle straight near the Vauxhall camp for incoming traffic with a PARK AND RIDE (to town centre and seafront) for all the vehicles that do not need to enter the town, this would allow local traffic quicker access to the Breydon bridge roundabout, free up parking for local residents, and encourage more visitors to the town.

    The approach to Gapton hall roundabout needs 2 lanes from the business park entrance at McDonalds to better access the roundabout.

  2. Whilst not a car driver myself, it is imperative for the economic and social mobility of Great Yarmouth that the dualling of the A47 is considered a priority.

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