A49/A465 Bypass

The money can be put towards further preparatory work for our desperately needed bypass. I have lived here for 50 years and the terrible impact on health and the economy of having a major national arterial roads heading through the city centre would not be tolerated anywhere else. How is the city supposed to grow and how are businesses going to be attracted to the county (we are the poorest city in England) if we have to continue muddling by with 1960s infrastructure?

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  1. “major national arterial roads heading through the city centre”
    There are no such roads. Hereford is not on the way from anywhere to anywhere, unless perhaps you count from the English Midlands to central Wales and a by-pass for that purpose was built by Italian road builders before there was even a Hereford to by-pass. The traffic in the centre of Hereford is local traffic.

    If you want to travel from Wilton roundabout at Ross on Wye to Leominster to the north avoiding Hereford, Google maps finds you a perfectly satisfactory by-pass via Preston Cross. It’s slightly further but that’s rather in the nature of a by-pass.

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