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  1. Tbh I dont visit West Bromwich much. One issue is people from Smethwick, Oldbury have to get off West Bromwich bus station and walk a lot further to New Square, if they want Tesco (as no Tescos by them now) they have to drag shopping past a college a lot further, puts me off, we have walking difficulties, most prefer to drive now, its a shame they didnt think the location of bus station at all and its just added to congestion. It could be solved by getting buses doing the loop by Tesco like has happened for Wednesbury buses as people complained about same issue e.g. the walk from bus station. They could love the bus stop nearer the college so kids can get off and not moan about waiting extra for West Brom. I personslly think too much of the transport is suiting school and college kids. I agree an Ice ring and bowling would be more attractive and some some more restaurants. Going to cinema and eating out is very nice but we only have one bus by us and cannot go there after 7pm as its hourly.

  2. Tougher punishment for people parking on pavement by Pennyhill Primary School. More double yellow lines before someone gets killed as visibility is poor for parents and children crossing the Road B713BU

  3. Is anyone monitoring these comments?

    I’ve tried to make my own suggestion for how West Brom can be improved. I made them over a week ago. For some reason they haven’t registered on this website. They didn’t contain any rude language, racism etc.

    There have been no new suggestions from anyone for about a week, so it seems there a problem with the website. Please can you find out what’s wrong and fix the problem.

  4. Would be really good for youth
    centres, more for the youths to do and get them off the streets or dossing in town at McDonalds because they have no where to go.
    Most parents fear for there kids to go out these days but if they had more places for them to go it wouldn’t be so bad!
    Needs alot more stuff for kids. Maybe a bowlplex, ice skating, more clubs, more police & security in the town clearing away the bad adults standing around in town smoking and drinking at all time of the day.

  5. Demolish some of the old shops and one of the shopping centres to make the town smaller. No need for so many shops anymore, then create attractive homes to bring life into the centre. Definitely need an ice skating rink- number 1 priority as kids need active hobby. More community police day and night. Needs to be much cleaner, higher end cafes and bars, but clamp down on anti social behaviour. Free parking for up to 2 or 3 hours during the week and all day on Saturdays. Plant fruit trees and wild flowers everywhere around the town and over Dartmouth park to ensure even the poorest can potentially get some. Put lots of hanging baskets and planters and smallish but pretty trees. Get primary schools to teach pride in our town and to look after it and each other. Finally, re-open access through Bratt Street. Stupid decision to close it in the first place.

  6. We need something to be proud of; something that celebrates the people of West Brom. Other things that are need include improvements to roads, free parking, more restaurants (most miss Prezzo) a bowling alley or something for the youth to go to and a venue that brings audiences to the town – for old and young alike. New Square was a great addition; the statue of the three Albion legends again is great so something along these two would be much appreciated.

  7. There needs to be more restaurant options in West Bromwich so that people from West Bromwich don’t travel to other places as often and to attract others to visit West Bromwich. There should also be more places for people to go and do activities, e.g. blowing, ice skating, paint-balling, better quality play grounds for kids, etc. Most importantly, we need West Bromwich to be cleaner and safer.

  8. Investment in the town centre for more retail space. Decrease rent for small-medium business. Renovate queen’s square shopping centre and increase the market size to allow more market traders. (West Midlands Camden market)

  9. Money should be spent on promoting small business in area. So that more business can be attracted to area. Promotions for some night clubs and pub will bring more customer and business in this area.

  10. Really need more police on the streets of West Bromwich with more power to do stop and searches or at least something in place to try and tackle knife crime!

  11. A vibrant town centre in the evenings Restaurants, Music venues and quality bistro bars are needed for all age groups

  12. Any possibility of a ice rink/bowling complex

    Or something that attracts tourism? This could be combined with other local attractions like the park/farm.

  13. Get rid of the indoor and outdoor markets, the indoor o e stinks, the outdoor is just an eyesore. We need decent shops, no point in having a nice new square when the otherside just looks dirty, untidy , too many charity shops, phones shops !!!!!

    1. From living in West Bromwich for 32 years. I would recommend a cinema complex, Tantany area housing reviewed and possible new estate created. West Bromwich high street shop fronts need to be more modern to take away the trashy look. Strip clubs on high street need to be reduced and bistro bars to be put around to create a friendly ambience and drive out the riff. Less fast foods shops and more restaurants. Designer stores or outlets. The list is endless..

  14. We need amenities ie night clubs, bowl plex, quality shop’s and no more junk food shops and put more police on the beat

  15. The New Square is great and has attracted some good popular stores, it’s clean with decent toilet facilities and security guards are visible – but then there’s the two precinct‘s, the High Street and the market’s, it’s like rich town, poor town. Rubbish everywhere, anti social behaviour, beggars, empty shops with people not feeling safe. There needs to be a presence of some sort of security, it needs maintenance, cleaning and kept clean, decent toilets, rents need to be realistic to encourage retailers back and then hopefully would encourage other decent retailers back to the town too. I visited Wolverhampton recently and although it’s struggling like most towns, it’s in far better shape than West Bromwich. Maybe other towns need to be visited, to see what they have done right that West Bromwich haven’t.

    1. I agree too. Way too many empty boxes by vegetable vendors. New path slabs are uneven and invitation to an accident. Too many charity shops, betting shops, phone shops, beggers. Needs good cleanup. Bus station needs good cleanup. Digital clock feature by bus station not fixed for years. I live in band D but don’t know what special I get. So many potholes, so much litter. Trees and bushes around roundabouts not trimmed. Some of the sign boards hiding behind trees. Empty shops need to be filled.

      1. Totally agree what was once a great town has now turned into a squalid filthy shopping area in fact I don’t go to WB anymore I’d rather shop in Wednesbury. It may be small but has some lovely shops plus Morrisons.

  16. Yes, as trying to get to sandwell valley from the town centre is not easy. Even so sign posts showing which way to walk from bus station would help.

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