Accessible art and science galleries

The first space is where you live, where you work is called the second space and the third space is where you go when not at home or at work. The third spaces in the centre of the new town are not accessible to everyone either because you have to spend money to use them which is a barrier for those in poverty or because getting into town by bus isn’t better than using a car, even despite many central car parks being scrapped in the new development plan. The issue of access is even worse if you’re a wheelchair user. Stevenage has decaying areas. But in London artists re-gentrify areas suffering urban decay by starting artist studios where its cheapest to do so making the area trendy and more valuable until they get priced out and move to another decaying area. Stevenage has Airbus labs on its doorstep which most towns would die for but doesn’t take advantage of this. Combine all 3 issues into 1 idea. Accessible artist studios and science galleries. Give SG1 a USP. Say no to clone towns!

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  1. I agree – I feel that Stevenage Council should increase the number of arts and science venues in the area. Great Suggestion

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