Actually Repair Roads / Invest in our town centre

As we all know most of the roads in Blackpool are potholed hell, resurfacing these roads should be a priority, in my area there are a number of potholes that have been filled multiple times in the space of 5 weeks.

The Council seem to be dumping funds into this tram line and other odd projects, but the business district of the town is suffering. With Rouge landlords charging extortionate amounts of rent for shop floors with no running water, toilet facilities or heating, to ever increasing business taxes, the town is filled with more charity and £1 stores than it needs. Derelict high streets, rundown shop fronts.

Norbreck Hotel is confirmed to be one of the worst buildings in Blackpool, looks terrible, dirty and faulty…… however it’s filled to bursting with holiday makers every year…… if your making money in a town you should be forced to contribute to its upkeep ( just your own properties).

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