Adaptive, Multi-Configurable, Pedestrianisation

I believe we should have an area of Mablethorpe’s High St and side streets that can be adapted and configured on an adhoc basis to many different safe pedestrian layouts whilst allowing traffic to flow and use those same areas when pedestrianisation is not needed with very little change being made to the roads.
This can easily be done by using light up Bollards that rise out of the road in various key points: Junctions that meet with the High St, Across the High St to allow side streets to join with each other i.e. George St to Wellington Rd. All intersections from Quebec Rd to Seacroft Rd. End of side streets – Victoria Rd/Knowles St, Wellington Rd/Tennyson Rd, Fitzwilliam St/Tennyson.
This will allow for multiple configurations to take place: Different parts of the High St, Victoria Rd, Fitzwilliam St, Carnival Routing, Multiple joining roads closed together.
This system will allow traffic flow as the bollards can be lowered when not needed and no road surfaces need changing.

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4 comments on “Adaptive, Multi-Configurable, Pedestrianisation

  1. You cannot close access into Gibraltar road. It’s one way. Reversing the flow might help but it doesn’t solve the problem.

  2. It would be fine to utilise the area in front of the factory shop and wishing well in a nicely paved and prettier area with paving, seating and flowers but not to cut off the traffic flow into the town. We need some more parking in the town centre too. The side streets are chaos at present in summer and these pedestrianisation schemes won’t work.

  3. An interesting and seemingly cost effective proposal. Certainly some form of pedestrianisation would be hugely beneficial. I have some reservations about the workings between George St & Wellington Road, which I think needs to be an open route at all times. An earlier proposal for more comprehensive pedestrianisation allows for this. Perhaps a hybrid version of the two suggestions could be engineered to achieve this and also avoid any confusions to road users / pedestrians that may arise when routes may change on an ad-hoc basis. Do similar schemes exist elsewhere for research and comparison?

    1. Hi Chris, my solution does allow for traffic flow between George Street & Wellington Road. My solution would allow you to close of the High Street between George Street to Victoria Rd & George Street to Seacroft Road whilst allowing traffic flow from George Street to Wellington Road. There would be no confusion to pedestrians because the Bollards when raised would have electronic signs on them stating which zone you are in.

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