Adding Trams/ Transportation Improvements

Since I moved in this area nearly 2 years now, there is definitely a lack in transportation.
While there is the option for the train, which is kinda pricey and most of the times there are many cancellations and delays too, we are having buses which are taking ages to get to Manchester (4hours with return).
So I would like to suggest a solution in here which is adding trams from Bolton to/from Manchester and Bolton to/from Bury.
That is going to be a massive change for the economy of the town, while people are likely to visit Bolton by using tram from the city centre, and also we are going to have more vacancies for jobs available.
I really hope I am not the only one with this suggestion and I wish one day Bolton to become one of the brightest places here in North. 🙂
Fingers Crossed 🙂
Tommy Christ

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