Affordable and innovative housing

In a city as ever-developing as Milton Keynes, it’s a surprise that so little has been done to create affordable housing projects. There is an incredible movement in Bristol called ‘Bristol Housing Festival’ that is re-imagining housing by focusing on combating homelessness, ghettoisation and environmental impact by working with the local council in designing housing that is affordable, mixed-community and innovative in its technology.

Milton Keynes needs the same. Our city would benefit from taking a leaf out of Bristol’s book by setting up a similar project, a small team with a vision to create housing that will impact social structures, the environment, homelessness and re-imagine the way we do community in our estates.

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1 comment on “Affordable and innovative housing

  1. I totally agree with the above, somehow in Milton Keynes the construction company have been allowed to build house with the view to make the most money, not taking into consideration to what people really need. Another thing which has surprise me is how much money the NHS and Social Care have spent in adapting housing to meet the needs of older or disabled person. Why can’t we build houses that have access to a bathroom which is big enough for a wheelchair person to access for a shower and toilet. In other countries houses are being made to adapt with time, like an utility room downstairs is built in connection with a downstairs toilet/ shower room.

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