All new buildings to be carbon neutral

Make it a requirement of all new builds to have solar panels on the roof and other green measures in order to be approved planning permission. Give grants to older buildings to have ground /air source heat pumps or PV tech. Make Donny green!

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8 comments on “All new buildings to be carbon neutral

  1. I have had feed in tariff solar panels for nearly 10 years. I have benefitted financially, there are obviously environmental benefits,
    why doesn’t the council embark on their own scheme. Residents would benefit and the council could benefit financially instead of the companies bagging the feed in surplus.

  2. All industrial units should have solar panels fitted as part of every new planning application there would be a cost but fairly small at the build stage. There are thousands of opportunities missed every year.
    Also where possible include wind turbines in new build.

  3. Yes it needs to be a requirement but there needs to be a scheme from the government to help people afford solar panels.

    Also council housing funding needs to be given to help them put them on existing houses

    1. I live in a council house, and I’ve asked for permission to have them up (by paying for them myself) and I was refused, so I don’t think they would fund it, which is a shame.

  4. Yh and the price to buy these house will mean the younger people of the town can’t afford to buy a house going green is great just at what price

    1. Young people can barely afford a house at the moment. Also carbon neutral houses can be built around the same price as a traditional house

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