All new buildings to be carbon neutral

Make it a requirement of all new builds to have solar panels on the roof and other green measures in order to be approved planning permission. Give grants to older buildings to have ground /air source heat pumps or PV tech. Make Donny green!

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13 comments on “All new buildings to be carbon neutral

  1. How about spending on children’s services…. after school clubs, something for teenagers get them off their consoles out of their bedrooms so they can do something constructive

  2. Improve cycling infrastructure on the North side of Doncaster. Extend the existing route from Sun Inn up Barnsley Rd up to Ridgewood School. It would also pass Saltersgate and Rosedale school as well as local shops, Dr, Church, Park etc.
    Also extend from Jossey Lane to Woodlands. Further leg from Highwayman pub to Adwick Station and on towards Carcroft. Importantly there is the room to fit a lane in without compromising the existing infrastructure.

  3. Spend some of the money on flood defences and a rail link to the airport. Doncaster airport is under utilised. Rather than build other runways in London.

  4. Should also consider bringing all council owned properties into a carbon reduced/ neutral state by utilising suitable energy efficient means: solar panels etc.

  5. We have some beautiful old buildings in Doncaster please renovate not pull down .
    As new buildings do not have the charm or beautiful design features like they were once.

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