All weather football/sports pitch

A full size all weather floodlit football/sports pitch. Most towns of Todmorden’s size have all weather football/sports pitches. Most if not all of the current pitches are not maintained resulting in poor pitches or games/ training being called off. I believe a feasibility study has already been carried out at Bellholme Sports centre. For approximately £250,000 a full size multi-use fenced and floodlit pitch could be provided. Users would also have the benefit of the existing club house and facilities. Sports facilities have declined over the years in Todmorden, should we not be providing facilities to encourage both young and old to exercise and stay fit

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2 comments on “All weather football/sports pitch

  1. Calderdale listed this ground bottom of their list for a 3g pitch despite it being the most suitable flat surface in the upper valley. They have their own less suitable sites but no money. And the council did not draw the regeneration map to go beyond Walsden and include the site for this funding. No feasibility study has been conducted, this would cost £10-20k. Including it in the funding scheme would mean a study could be done and the environmental impact assessment could be included. When the site was originally filled in it was taken above the flood plain. If developed perhaps a water retention system (like the park) could be excavated benefiting the village and town flood resilience. It’s worth at least funding investigating the facts, pros and cons.

  2. Bad for the environment and floodplains this plan at Bellholme, replacing natural grass with plastic grass complete with recycled rubber crumb from old car tyres for an ‘all weather pitch’. And to put up floodlights too will impact nocturnal wildlife in the greenbelt surrounding area.

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