alternatives to car travel

The City has a historic road pattern which can hardly be improved so We need to improve walking, cycling and travel by bus/rail options. Current administration at County Hall has no interest in non car options.
Investment in improving public transport by electric busses, more bus lanes which taxis should be allowed to use.

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2 comments on “alternatives to car travel

  1. It is important to improve public transport and park and ride sites do need to be re-introduced, but its still feasible and desirable to significantly improve cycling and walking routes around the City. The quickest, cheapest and easiest ways of having an impact is to make all residential streets 20mph (always popular with residents, but also improves preceived and actual safety for active travel) and improve the existing network by removing barriers, widening narrow sections, allowing use of blocked off roads and two way use of one way streets etc etc. An imperative is to remove the cycle ban, but if that isn’t politically possible to provide permanently open N-S and E-W routes through the pedestrainised city centre.

    1. Park and cycle either using your own bike or a hire bike also merits consideration.

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