An alternative venue

A indoor skate rink. This can make money via teaching skating, roller discos (for children and separate times for adults only), skate hockey sessions, roller derby, birthday parties, skate fitness sessions, a place to possibly even watch roller derby on ESPN on big screens, no venues or pubs nearby offer screening services for this sport. There are plenty of roller derby teams that could use this space. Even tag on a cafe (Nuneaton has loads of these so maybe something quirky like an american diner, people can eat/drink whilst watching skating/before or after skating). The closest place like this to us is The Midlands Roller Arena. Would be great to have one closer and actually in town. Having something different to other towns is what encourages people to visit. Also from a young perspective, Nuneaton doesn’t really have anything fun to do in it, which is why I end up spending most of my time going to Coventry and Birmingham.

We need more unique places to fill our spaces.

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