Angel Place / Street

– Find some way of developing the Scala Theatre (Cinema) on the corner. Work with a group to return the building back to its former glory as a picture house and regeneration hub. Exhibit old classics alongside local talents and more recent mainstream content. Offer a high class ‘event cinema’ experience at a reasonable cost and maybe involve volunteers and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain valuable business experience and provide them with future opportunities. Surely this is a better use of a building that lies dormant upstairs and has been identified as being one at risk?
– A clean-up of Angel Street by developing a plan around the old Italian restaurant (ASK) building and the old Theatre Royal (Kwik Save) opposite, this would help reduce the anti-social behaviour down the street, which has been identified by the Police as a problem area in the early hours of a day.
– A renewed interest in the outdoor market to promote new stalls, especially from local start-ups.

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  1. We need to look at ways of rebuilding our Local Economy one way is to make a conscious move away from the one size fits all approach.
    Could the Scala be restored & marketed as Worcester’s equivalent to the Regal in Evesham.
    Formally known affectionately as the ‘flea pit’ now known as an historic visitor experience.
    We need to support local businesses with a unique ‘Worcester’ story.

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