Another Taunton Road

Please make another route to Taunton.

Taunton road is absolutely packed everyday, Every evening it’s a small town designed for a medium amount of people. However due to HPC we get more traffic, more noise and a nuclear power point and only 25M.

We need this. A new route to Taunton that helps ease Taunton road once this is fixed the entire town is at ease.

We need more than just 25M… we’ve gone from a 10k population town to over 80k in 10 years and gained another nuclear facility nearby, anyone who is happy with the 25M grant remember the amount of times you’ve been late somewhere because of The towns overpopulation because of new projects. We need at least 250M to do anything here, Town could do with an entire refurbishment, back lanes could do with the roads being repaired.

Besides who ever makes these numbers up knows full well 25M is just a new path somewhere. Please acknowledge at least 10% of this message.

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