Anything that makes Money

This will probably be a ONE TIME only injection and if it is not used to make more money to keep on building a way forward then what would be the point… most of the suggestion would eventually fall in to disrepair or end due to depleted funds. All the ideas suggested could then have a chance in the future if we can fund something that pays back money… Like as one said helping small business in the town center, lower rates maybe as an intensive, work on tourism.. Having lived away for 20 years and coming back 3 times a year I could never understand why the council just knock the historical buildings down plus.. Get this when foreigner used to ask me where I came from, I never said Mansfield because it is not on their map. I said the Center of Sherwood Forest. and the reply was Oh Robin Hood…Start with planting that tree again on Stockwell gate and sort the sign out on the wall and build on that.
best of look everyone

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