More art-art for everyone! Art as therapy! Accessible art! Contemporary Art! Art open to all! Improve art and artisan skills and enrich past-times! Art is food for the mind! Open the Worcester University art section to the public (don’t be so aloof) with some community initiatives – liaise with Worcester Art Centre/support the Worcester Art Centre – get the 21st century into Worcester art and make it a relevant and excellent regional centre (…Walsall has done it with its New Gallery..)- support emerging artists- support emerging artists businesses – support linking and initiatives with the wider county and other counties and regions….

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  1. This could be a relatively inexpensive yet incredible addition to the city to go alongside some of the other great ideas.
    If you look hard enough there are already many people trying their best, struggling independent businesses, artists, art groups & people crafting selling their wares.
    Have a number of affordable workshops running with all different arts & crafts to try. This could be a wonderful way to spend quality time as a family, with friends, help people with social connections, making new friends, possibly reducing loneliness and a real benefit to people’s mental health.

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