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Millions of pounds could be spent on transport, connectivity, skills training, but ultimately Margate needs to encourage money / jobs into the area. I would suggest the town needs an initial makeover with properties facing the main sands being decorated / renovated in an extremely different and multicoloured way… Perhaps a joyful rainbow design incorporating street art. Arlington house (complete eyesore) needs immediate work, with the surrounding derelict shops being demolished and turned into an outside art gallery. We then need to focus on our main features which would be the renovation of the Lido (once iconic attraction) into a multi-use attraction combining restaurants and retail. At the centre of the Old Town is a only museum which is screaming out for funding and would represent the great history of Margate. I would also suggest building a museum focused on Turner at the old derelict building on Fort Mount Road where turner used to stay when it was a guest house. Intermingled

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6 comments on “Art Tourism

  1. I like some activities for children,because if outside is raining or cold we don’t know wehere is can going. I houpe for trampoline park 👌🙏

  2. It must have a completely independent panel nothing to do with the council to decide were the money is to be spent .And must be a non political panel .

  3. I’d like to see more money spent on iconic buildings like the winter gardens, it’s in a very sad and sorry state due to lack of funding.
    I went along recently to help tidy the gardens as there is no budget for this any longer. It’s sad that such an historic site is left to get into such a sorry site, particularly as it seems to be having some great bands playing there.
    I’d like to see some of the money spent in desperately needed maintenance on this building. The current workforce have such good ideas to make this an even better venue than it is.

  4. I have lived here for about 5 years originally lived in Ramsgate for about 8 years and I have seen dereliction, abandoment, crime, dirty streets,
    Money has been given to Margate and not sure where it all goes because we have had lots of shops taken away and went to wwx in 2008. Dreamland has had millions of money thrown at it and to me it is not like it used to be at all. Seaside towns have lost their credibility but that is down to how it is being run by the council.
    Along the esplanade along Cliftonville west, was a crazy golf area, in it’s time it was well used. This needs to be developed and maybe we can grow that along the esplanade so that people who live here have things to do. There is nothing since it got taken away by the council I would like to see this area developed into a things to do area with an ice cream parlour maybe a skate park as we have plenty of open space for that to be developed.
    There is a Cliftonville pub along Northdown Road called the Cliftonville lounge and it has been empty for years can we buy this and turn it into a young persons or children youth space the children here have nothing to do and crime is on the increase.
    We also have the tea rooms and they are closed they have lovely rooms above them again this is also lying empty and could be brought to its full potential.

    What I would also like is money to be spent on our Margate Winter Gardens theatre and in that £25m could we develop an arts festival of music, drama and cooking and arts and crafts and painting and it would be open to all.

    I would also like the concerts at the bandstand to happen again they were so well attend round here but since the death of the person who organised it nothing has happened. I am sure the adults and the children would love and like to see a bright vibrant Cliftonville West

    It all needs money to invest in and this £25m would really raise the roof here for the better of lots of people’s well being!

    1. What I forgot to say was that all that I have visualised will generate jobs, it will create education and a sense of belonging to the Cliftonville West Community. We are very diverse here and I would like to see that money put to the well being of our community young, old, child, baby…we need a A Better Cliftonville!
      It would make our people here have that sense of belonging bringing in the well being with something for everyone
      Music events at the theatre and bandstand are the future and the way to lead for example. Seasides need that bright vibrancy of real sense of ownership for the people of the town, let the youth play, let the children have happy memories!

  5. As a newer business owner in Margate, I believe Margate would benefit job-wise if the popular high street shops would temain in Margate and not be forced out to Westwood mainly due to high parking charges leading to a rather limited number of shoppers. Increase in online banking, online claims, online tutoring etc may mean less frequenting into town by certain moreso priveledged people. If the police force would show more presence, invest more in this to become more friendly communicative pro-active peace-makers in town, this may help to reduce the vandalism preventing our businesses creating a more friendly and beautiful space as it was some years ago. As it is a seaside town, wintertime for smallerbusinesses will be difficult to survive if landlords are not willing to offer lower seasonal rents and keep the summer rents proportionally realistic. I believe the Centre and High Street need just as much attention as the seafront and surrounding areas.

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